Friday, March 20, 2009
Hello! have been long time i did not blogging in tis blog..coz i got another blog...well..i'll try to use both of my blog wisely..okaylah..maybe jus till here..byebye!
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Best Friend..
Hello!It's me n my best fren!to my bf.. :I noe..although we are not in de same class tis yr..our friendship will remains 4eva..okay?remember..anything tt happen to us..we'll still friends 4eva..keep in touch k..
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008
Hi : )
Hi everyone!2day is 6 February 2008,as you all know,Chinese New Year will be coming soon..!!Anyway..i want to wish you Happy Chinese New year.Although i am not chinese,but i just wanna wish you as a greetings! ByE!
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Saturday, February 2, 2008
Happy moment!
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It is a bestfrens day!
Hi all!On 1 February,it is me and my bestfrens day.That day was when both of us start to become a true friendship.The 1 February is yesterday.Her parents and my parents also have known each other and start to became a friend too.Insyaallah,our friendship will remains forever.I like my bestfriend soo much becoz she is kind and when i am in trouble,she use to help me.Feels free to leave ur comment!
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East spring primary
Hi pretty girlz out there!you all nak tau tak,on November school holiday last year,our school must go to East spring primary for maths classes.Kat sane kan,we all spent for about seven hours..and then of course ada break,time break,we semua makan nasi.Tapi,i tak makan sebab time kat rumah dah sarapan,jadi dah full sangatlah..Tapi kat sane fun jugak lah..becoz ade maths game!!At East spring Primary,we all dapat belajar banyak info.oklah..anyway...till here.Bye!
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Saturday, January 12, 2008
Introducing me to you all
Hey gerls!I just want to introduce me and my family to you.My name is Syukrina.Actually,i've a small family.It is just my dad,mum and me.As you want to know,i live somewhere in the east(can't tell actually).Now..i'm coming 12 years old this year.And....this year,i'll be taking for PSLE.Hope i pass with a satisfying result!And,i've to tell you something,my dad is working while my mum is not.Last time,my mun take care of my neighbour child becoz his parents are working..So..when his parents went back from work,they'll come to my house and bring him back to home.But mum did not take care of him anymore because this year he is schooling in nursery.oh..forget to tell you his name..his name is.....ooh,maybe i'll tell you just his nickname,Iman.He is sooo cute.Sometimes when it was school holiday,i usually play with him as i did not have any brothers or sisters.So..i regards him as my own little brother...ok,till here!
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